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zebraGreetings, Internet. My name is Ariel, and once upon a time I was crazy about drawing zebras. Since I’m still in the process of organizing an up-to-date art portfolio, I thought I’d go ahead and share a slightly older project, but I couldn’t resist including one of these guys in my first post.

One of the neatest art projects I’ve stumbled across this year has been Passages for Lost Clouds, a daily series of small and simple line drawings by Ken Wong (sadly no longer updated). I’ve always liked the idea of completing one small-scale creative endeavor each day, so back in January I started my own daily drawing project in a 3″ x 4″ notepad. Every day (or very nearly so), I would either represent an observation or record a personal secret using only my notepad and a fine-tip Sharpie. I often feel too pressed for time to start big projects, which results in a lot of  ideas going to waste. So I hoped this would help me view art as a more habitual process, knowing that no matter how busy I was, I could always spare two minutes of my day to create something personal.

It ended up being a rather short-lived project, lasting roughly a month before I lost steam. But I would very much enjoy resurrecting the idea on a larger scale, perhaps with a series of digital sketches. For right now, here’s a selection of the mini ink drawings from January 2009.

never stop

love type

bled through

downright judgmental

forget sadness

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