Boroboro is an art collective by Ariel, Matt, and Mahmoud.  The idea is that an art blog gives us a place to put our respective creations. It also gives us a hub through which to publicly collaborate and communicate.


  • Ariel – An art history nerd who grew up drawing pictures and recently became fascinated with graphic design. I enjoy digital as well as traditional media, ranging from photography to video editing to covering outbound snail mail with Sharpie art. I’m also a Photoshop junkie, doing most of my recent work in CS3, and will admit to having a pretty heavy typographical fixation. Art historical interests include Japanese prints of the “floating world” and ancient Mayan glyphs.
  • Matt – Design Technologies: Autodesk Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, however my favorite tool is still a Bic ballpoint pen and a sketch book
  • Mahmoud – I’m probably the least technically skilled, art-wise, but the most technically skilled blog-wise, so they keep me around. I DJ and take pictures in my spare time. I also do some graphic and web design. Occasionally I’ll foray into visualization, too. My tools of choice are my Denon CDJs, Canon Point and Shoot (running CHDK), Photoshop, Aptana, and myriad assorted little technologies without which I’d be pretty normal.

Why “boroboro”?

Well, Matt and Ariel are into Japanese, and Mahmoud knows Farsi/Persian. So, in Japanese boroboro’s the sound of a barrel rolling, which is cute, and in Persian, it means go-go, which is also nice. Plus, we thought it had a catchy ring to it.